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Personal Colour for Health Course

Interactive, live zoom course 3 x 60 – 90 min sessions

Session 1 - You will leave the first session knowing the basics of colour for health, what colour your body and soul needs and how to easily and simply utilise the power of your required colour to your benefit – you do not have to wear it!

Session 2 - We regroup, check how everyone is getting on, answer questions and double check if you still require the same colour. You learn how to do the colour reading yourself as we progress.

Session 3 - Often, after 4 weeks the specific colour that nourishes you changes. As you balance one colour you may notice you are drawn to another colour and your intuition may know what that colour is. Once your intuition kicks in you have a tool for life and you can choose to use it or not. Life is more fun when your light is shining.

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