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Colour for Health
How to Introduce your Prescribed Colour
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The most important thing with colour for health is that you do it with an open heart, knowing that you are doing it to nourish yourself – balancing your light so that you can shine and feel alive. Be playful with how you do it.

You can 

--wear it ... any shade of the colour will do

- eat it ... the more colourful your food the more you are likely to stay in        balance. Could be tricky with Turquoise!

- look at it ... it could be in nature or you can simply put a coloured item or even a piece of coloured paper somewhere obvious where you will see it easily.

- visualise it - close your eyes and imagine the colour

When I first learnt this technique, I painted 8 candlesticks, one with each colour, and ‘placed’ the relevant candlestick where I would easily see it.

I do not recommend painting your walls unless you love DIY every 3-4 weeks. The paint colour charts though can be useful as a colour reminder.

Whatever you decide - do it intentionally several times a day for two or three weeks and feel the difference. You will probably find that there is a time when you feel that the colour isn’t resonating with you anymore. Ask yourself what colour will lift your spirits?? – if a colour comes to mind go with it. If not, you can always have another reading.

Colour Chart click HERE

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